Jerry Brown tries to spin; Code Pink fundraiser had “nothing to do with Code Pink”


Guess these signs went unnoticed by Jerry Brown, since he snuck in and out of the back door;

Democrat California gubernatorial nominee Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown mocked as “silly” the concerns raised by a retired Marine Corps colonel about Brown attending a fundraiser at the home of terrorist supporter and Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans. Speaking to reporters Wednesday evening at a campaign rally at the Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Building, Brown labeled the call by Col. Bucky Peterson to return the money from the fundraiser “dishonest” and “the sillies[t] thing I’ve ever heard.” Peterson’s statement was released by Brown’s opponent, Republican nominee Meg Whitman.

Guests attending the Code Pink fundraiser for Jerry Brown step over a protester. Photo by Chuck Back.

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Questioned by SFGate about this and other issues;

We’ve got the video: Democratic candidate Jerry Brown said he’s talked with President Clinton’s camp, welcomed President Obama’s help — and addressed issues related to his pension, his use of a taxpayer-funded plane, and his campaign as a full time Attorney General against billionaire GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, who “doesn’t work.”

Brown made the comments following an enthusiastic campaign rally and speech before 800 cheering supporters at the Santa Rose Veterans Memorial Building last night. He spoke to reporters afterwards, and here’s our Shaky Hand Productions video of that presser:

At the stop in Santa Rosa, Jerry Brown got the most applause by pandering to illegal immigrants (Undocumented Democrats);

“The people who want to point the finger and blame the immigrants, that’s who built this state,” Brown said.

Actually, Jerry, it’s the Illegal Immigrants people are objecting to. “Immigrants” did in fact build this country, “Illegal Immigrants” are supposedly costing states like California almost $9 billion a year.

Another quote, this time from a pro-Whitman protester, pretty much summed up my feelings about the 2010 Governor’s race;

…Santa Rosa resident Don Jones, had similar thoughts about the two major party candidates, although he was holding up a Whitman campaign sign.

“I’m really anti-incumbent at this moment,” Jones said. “I feel like (Whitman’s) wishy-washy. I consider her to be something of a (Republican in Name Only), but Jerry Brown is as Democrat as they come.”
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