If Los Angeles traffic is jammed for six hours tomorrow, it’s not Obama THIS time…

It’s his pals, the SEIU

Via John and Ken;

Wednesday 08-25-2010 3:27pm PT

Janitor Jam

Janitors will be protesting tomorrow for six hours in Century City. They are going to completely shut down streets! Call Paul Koretz and tell him he’s got to stop this! This will cause an enormous traffic jam!

Paul Koretz


Los Angeles Police Department


Tony Villar



Bill Rosendahl


Janitors Vs. JPMorgan

The weather’s hot in Los Angeles, but the economy’s cold. Jobs are disappearing like wrinkles on Beverly Hills housewives.

So when one building in expensive Century City laid off 19 janitors, it ignited a protest bringing one of the nation’s most powerful unions against one of the nation’s most powerful investment banks.

The Century Plaza Towersbuilding, purportedly owned by JPMorgan, is the site this week of a three-day protest and hunger fast by janitors and supporters from the Service Employees International Union, the SEIU. Two weeks ago, the contractor hired by the building to handle janitorial work laid off 19 of the 76-person workforce, according to the union. “We really weren’t given a reason,” says SEIU spokesman Jacob Hay. He says the union recognizes the need by some facilities to cut back in tough economic times, but the SEIU is taking aim at these particular layoffs because the building is owned by Chase. The union claims the Wall Street giant received a $95 billion taxpayer bailout, only to “turn around and allow the layoffs of the least paid employees at one of the most expensive buildings in the city,” says Hay. “Enough is enough…”

Remember, if you end up in Los Angeles snarled hopelessly in worse than normal traffic, this is all because of the layoff of 19 janitors. Is that some union arrogance? Most of us today have to face layoff fears because of Obamanomics, but aren’t they special? They want to blame evil “Big Wall Street” when actually it’s “Big Government” causing this mess.

Yeah, that guy they helped elect?

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