Yeah, Boxer would rather stay in Government forever

Babs doesn’t much like Fiorina’s ideas on term limits for Congress. Yesterday in Los Angeles;

After a discussion on transportation policy with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa at City Hall on Monday, Boxer said she believed the “founders had faith in the voters” to make decisions about how long a politician should stick around.

“I put my faith in the voters: they can kick me out if they want; they can elect me if they want,” Boxer said. “My opponent isn’t even there yet and she’s saying she’ll stay 12 years. She didn’t even stay 12 years at Hewlett-Packard—they fired her. So I mean, I don’t know how this is relevant to this incredibly important election.”

Boxer is probably upset she didn’t get an invite to Fiorina’s “Barbara Boxer farewell party” held earlier;

Overall Fiorina’s rhetoric since the primary has remained consistently conservative. While some of the CA Republican candidates are drifting from conservative talking points that won them their respective primary nominations, Fiorina has stayed firm. Arguably, she is the most conservative candidate on the statewide Republican ticket but she is able to make conservative points without coming off as out of touch with independent voters.

Fiorina talked about two issues she will champion if elected to the senate; term limits and gerrymandering.

Fiorina believes a 12 year limit in each chamber of congress is ample time to get something done and get out. Term limits are historically popular with Republicans but from my perspective they do not accomplish much. Take California as an example. The constitution already has a provision for term limits; the citizen’s right to vote elected officials out of office.

I guess for Barbara “Yes ma’am” Boxer, 28 years isn’t quite enough.

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