Note to all the Chris Pareja supporters; Remember Ross Perot?

Well I remember him. I voted for him. Know what I got for my vote? 8 years of Bill Clinton. To say “I learned my lesson” about third parties is an understatement.

On the other hand, I also remember Ralph Nader. He probably saved us from at least four years of Gore, and $8 a gallon gasoline by now. And most likely more attacks on the US homeland.

So are third parties bad? Depends on who’s side loses because of them. In 1993, to me third parties were awful and I vowed never to be suckered by one again.

So today, we have an “Independent” candidate named Chris Pareja. A party of one. He may well be the most conservative candidate in the race to unseat Pete Stark, the best speaker, have the best looking website, he may be “all that”, and all that. Know what he doesn’t have? Campaign cash. Where do candidates get that? National parties, largely, and a Party of One is a broke candidate. Have a conservative George Soros handy? Well, don’t feel bad, because Forest Baker doesn’t either, or so I’m told.

I’ll make you a deal; you show me poll numbers that show Pareja has a better chance to beat Stark than Forest Baker, and you may convince me he’s the best candidate to beat Pete. But when you tell me he doesn’t even have enough signatures to get on the ballot as a write-in candidate as of August 3, what the heck is up with that?

I’ll tell you something else, too. Commenting here using leftist phrases like, oh say such as, “Enough of this Republican fear mongering.” makes me think you’re working for the Pete Stark campaign, I don’t care what website you may be associated with (or claim to be), you come across like someone trying to split the conservative vote and guarantee a Pete Stark win.

Whether you believe it or not, I’m no fan of the establishment GOP, especially after this weekend, I’m not thrilled with the NRSC backing Fiorina over DeVore, even though they claim they didn’t. I didn’t love the choice of candidates for Governor, either, and for President in 2008, for that matter. But here’s “the one thing”; they are the only party with the machinery to beat back the left, and that’s what this is all about in November. The time for crying over the choices or lack thereof ended for conservatives on June 8.

Bottom line, if you can’t find a way to support the Republican in November, then go against the Democrat; they are the party totally taken over by the left. With the Republicans, at least we still have time to straighten them out.

Get The Left Out FIRST

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Living in Camarillo, CA, about 45 miles North of LA. I have a son, and two daughters. Working two jobs (welcome to California life), plus a (now retired) reservist in the US Navy Seabees so life is busy!
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4 Responses to Note to all the Chris Pareja supporters; Remember Ross Perot?

  1. Clinton or Perot, I remember questioning my vote and yes, I wanted it to count. So what did I do, I voted for Clinton. I was a democrat at the time, raised in a family of Democrats. I have since seen the error of my ways. I am now a Republican who wanted to vote for Huckabee and yes, I was one of the 12% in CA who did. I think the whole political system sucks because it isn’t about who is the best candidate. It is about who has the most money. Great candidates, like Chris Pareja, get over looked because of this and it is really too bad for the voters because they don’t know who their options really are. The big wigs get ahead because they can finance their way to an election. So you ask, why do I support this candidate? Because, I believe Chris Pareja to be the best candidate for the voter concerned about taxes, freedom, the constitution, the economy, the family, unemployment and high taxes for the small business owner. Did you know that 70% of all the jobs come from the small business owner? When his taxes increase, there goes your job. He has to pay for them some how. Yes, Chris is the real deal. There is also another quality that he has that is missing from Washington D.C. Chris Pareja can stand up to the opposition. He has proven it. Now to continue, I am not at all happy with the democrat or the republican running for office and that is my prerogative. I personally feel they are one in the same. I have explained my reasons in a previous blog. By the way, you don’t need the 9500 signatures to be a write in. You need them to get placed on the ballot as an independent. You can’t even begin your signature campaign until the primary is over and then you need them in by August 6th. It is an unfair system set up by both parties to keep the independent out of the race. I will also add that you and I think more a like than you realize.

  2. Yep, the two parties have managed to rig the system, drawing districts and setting rules to keep themselves employed forever. That is, as long as the GOP knows their place as second fiddle. They make waves, the Dems get upset and start racebaiting and everything else.
    Neither side likes the TEA party types simply because they upset the balance of power, and the same goes for third parties.
    Well, we aim to upset both sides, but not by mucking around with a forever weak third party or indy; we aim to do it by taking over the GOP from within and are making strides to that effect. It’s not an overnight process, but neither did we get to this point overnight.
    Sure, if your guy gets a significant number of votes, he may gain name recognition and be better placed for 2012, but the tradeoff is Pete Stark until then.
    Hope he’s worth it, we’ll see.
    I just can’t stand Stark and want him gone THIS year, but we won’t winn all seats. Again, we’ll see.

  3. Write- In candidate Chris Pareja who is seeking Congressman’s Pete Starks seat for California ’s congressional district 13 will be a guest on the Barbara Simpson Show (KSFO 560) at 4:15 Sunday afternoon.

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