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By: Teri Peters (@hipEchik)

“I’m applying for this job to represent you” Forest Baker . #CA13

This is to introduce you to a unique candidate for Congress; Forest Baker.  Forest Baker is running against Fortney Pete Stark in California’s 13th Congressional district.

Before I proceed to Forest Baker, I would be remiss if I did not introduce you to his incumbent opponent,  Fortney Pete Stark.  You may have heard of Pete Stark recently. He is well known as Pete (Stark Raving Mad).  He has had this moniker ever since I can remember.  I believe in letting the words of our “representatives” speak for themselves whenever possible. Pete Stark’s words are quite telling and almost beyond belief in their unmitigated arrogance, stupidity and disrespect for the constituents he represents. Please check out this lengthy, but un-edited video of Pete Stark: (If you are challenged for time, you may want to skip ahead to the shorter clips.)

“You sir, and people who think like you are destroying this Nation.”

To reduce any potential pain, I have included shorter clips of Pete Stark. Some have been picked up by Megyn Kelly of Fox News.

July 1, 2010

Pete Stark “Who You Going To Kill Today”?

Megyn Kelly:

August 4, 2010

California congressman fumbles over E-Verify question

Megyn Kelly :

I cringe at the thought of my Nieces, Nephews, Cousins and elderly Aunt being represented by this 18 term, registered socialistAmerican Socialists Release Names of 70 Congressional Democrats in Their Ranks I am comforted by the knowledge that we have an excellent candidate running against Pete Stark. His name is Forest Baker!

Forest Baker Also introduces us to Pete Stark on his Sparse but informative site:

Forest Baker On The Current Political Leadership:

“Congressman Stark is a Marxist.  The last of the 1960′s far left radicals. He makes John Kerry look good. Pete Stark takes the problems we’re having very seriously …  He’s been hoping for this moment, while he’s still in office and on his watch. Insofar as this economy falls into stasis and we Republicans don’t have a plan to transition our practice of capitalism into something decentralized, more libertarian and something that actually works better (like we did in 1980 with Reaganomics), then the Democrats think we default deeper into socialism, with more government control of essential services (like health, education and welfare) and higher taxes to underwrite such entitlements … but only if capitalism has failed, that is. Pete Stark and Barack Obama sincerely believe in their socialist ideologies because they clearly don’t understand the mechanisms of financial capitalism. Their errors are sophomoric. New-kid-just-out-of-school mistakes. (Bless their frustrated, confused, innocent hearts.)”

-Forest Baker, 8/3/10

Forest Baker IS a unique Congressional candidate! His website is sparse, and indicative of how he will use our tax dollars in Congress.  Mr. Baker puts it simply :“My campaign website looks like a resume on purpose. I’m applying for this job (to represent YOU).”

Forest Baker is making excellent use of social media! Notably, he is informing potential voters (and all Californian’s,) of the minutia contained within the Propositions on the November ballot.  Mr. Baker is achieving this via both Twitter and Facebook.   Additionally, Forest Baker is using Facebook as an interview tool. This is one candidate who understands that, upon election, he does work for us!  Forest Baker’s take on this:

“On the Facebook page you all get to interview me: Ask me what I think and what I want to do in Washington. We’ll talk about it. I see no reason to preach at you. And this is not a lesson where you’re supposed to read some abstract philosophy of government or cultural platitudes argued from this extreme or that. We have priests and lawyers for that. And a President of the United States who does nothing but give campaign speeches just as if that was what we hired him to do two years ago (whether you voted for Obama or not).  We need to get down to business, with a plan to fix this thing and some people in Congress who know how to execute tasks. My Tea Party endorsed opponent in the Primary imagined he had me beaten because my campaign web site seems plain. (The site has Spartan look and feel for a reason).  And then we went out and quietly got the votes.”

The time for pretty campaign websites and lofty speeches is over. That’s my point: I don’t need any more money than I have already to apply for this job that I am completely qualified to do. I am not interested in being packaged or marketed. I am not a Hollywood actor and this is not a television movie. I’m a grizzled old capitalist and I understand what’s wrong with this economy.” Forest Baker 8/04/10

This brings me to my final point on this introductory post. Forest Baker is unlike any candidates I have ever seen.  I was searching his “Spartan” website for a donate link.  No such link exists! As Forest Baker states above, he is not asking for donations. In his own words, in case you missed them : “ I don’t need any more money than I have already to apply for this job that I am completely qualified to do.”  A Candidate Not looking for money! I am not asking why. I am asking how do we help Forest Baker win over 18 term, Registered Socialist, Pete (Stark Raving Mad). For starters, Please post this piece anywhere you can.  Please share with friends and relatives in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is how we affect change. This is how we flip this house! All elections are National and we must engage. NOW is the time to turn WORDS into ACTION!

As is the case in California’s 51st Congressional District, this campaign is personal to me.  I was born and raised in Northern California’s 13th Congressional District. I witnessed the decline of the beautiful East Bay thanks to “progressive” policy such as that you have witnessed by Representative Stark’s own words.  I no longer live there, but as stated, my family is there.  I have oft repeated this, and will again: THIS is not the America my Grandparents envisioned for their grandchildren when they escaped Nazi Occupied Greece and eventually legally immigrated to the United States. Please help me, help Forest Baker rid the Congress of one more registered Socialist!  Run Forest Run! Let’s help him win too!

Stay tuned for more on Forest Baker. For now, all things Forest Baker can be found at the below referenced Twitter and Facebook URL’s and in his self proclaimed “ Spartan Website” :

Forest Baker can be found on twitter at

Forest Baker can be found on Facebook at :!/Forest4Congress

Pete Stark’s Congressional Voting Record:

High Resolution Map of California’s 13th Congressional District :  (please note, the below information will change in 2011) More on that later!

Find Your Congressman by entering your Zip Code :

Demographic Overview of California’s 13th Congressional District:

Zip Codes that are included in California’s 13th Congressional District per ZCTA:

94536 ……………………………..13

94538 ……………………………..13

94539 …………………………..11,13

94541 ……………………………9,13

94542 ……………………………9,13

94544 ……………………………9,13

94545 ……………………………..13

94546 ……………………………9,13

94552 …………………………9,11,13

94555 ……………………………..13

94560 ……………………………..13

94566 ………………………..10,11,13

94577 ……………………………9,13

94578 ……………………………9,13

94579 ……………………………9,13

94580 ……………………………9,13

94586 …………………………..11,13

94587 ……………………………..13

94588 …………………………9-11,13

94603 ……………………………9,13

94605 ……………………………9,13

94607 ……………………………9,13

94621 ……………………………9,13

h/t to my many twitter friends who assisted me in tracking down the above data!

If you are unsure on how to assist, please contact me at

or, contact Forest Baker! Thanks again!

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25 Responses to Run Forest Run! @Forest4Congress #CA13 #catcot

  1. Sandi Jacobs says:

    I can not support Forest Baker as his book titled “Eukariotsu Capitalism in the Post-Sovereign Economy” states on page 86 “My answer to this is the Commonwealth Trust State.” “A Cote is an association of 500-1000 families where working members are employees of the entity. The Cote owns and operates income-producing businesses, it own schools and clinics. It develops and manages residential and commercial real estate occupied by its denizens. Each partnership organizes, owns and administers a small bank. Cote assets are held I a perpetual trust for the benefit of all partners. Each head of household should be gainfully employed by one of the entity’s business units or pursue a professional career with Cote members as clients, students or patients.”
    “Commonwealth partners will be carefully recruited in order to fully populate each campus with a statistically normal mix of direct labor workers, middle managers, technical professionals and executives. Compensation rates will be equivalent with salaries and wages in the surrounding economy. Furthermore, partners will be provided with well-built residence owned by the Cote inside a closed corporate campus.”
    I translate this as creating a DICTATOR who will run and decide for a certain community. There is no way in which I can support a candidate that has this mindset. I see him no better than Pete Stark!!!
    I sincerely hope that citizens of CD-13 wake up and vote for write-in Chris Pareja. It is NOW that we must stand for principals, values and not another socialist-marxist.

  2. Enough of this Republican fear mongering. Both the Democratic candidate and the Republican candidate are bad news. Vote for one and you vote for the other. I know. I have seen and heard these men speak in person. Their policies a very bad for freedom and the direction freedom seeking Americans want this country to go in. Forest Baker believes in socialized medicine and nationalizing the banks. I heard him say it myself at a vetting. Gee, doesn’t Obama believe that too. I re-iterate everything the post from Sandi Jacobs has to say. Believe it because it is true. But don’t feel like you don’t have another choice because you do. There is a third candidate and his name is Chris Pareja. He resonates with the voters. The voters meet him, hear of his policies and values and they connect with him. He is the real deal. You want to vote Pete Stark out? Vote for Chris Pareja. If you vote for Forest Baker, all you are going to get is another Pete Stark. You have two socialists and one conservative. I choose the conservative. Socialists don’t believe in freedom. Chris Pareja will defend our freedoms.

    • Enough of this Republican fear mongering.

      Excuse me, but isn’t that a Democrat/leftist phrase? If you are who you claim to be (hopefully you’re a plant working for Stark), then I’d be not only shocked but horrified you would use that little liberal phrase.

      As to the rest of your comment, the only way to defeat Stark, if you are interested in that, is to vote for the candidate with the best chance of winning. This isn’t the primary anymore, the time for picking the most conservative person is past. No third-party candidate has a chance against a leftist with the connections Stark has. Period. Your guy, while he may be the best person running (I have no clue who he is, I’m just going to stipulate for expediency), does not, and can’t possibly have, the resources to take on SEIU, OFA, or any of the rest of the Soros machine. The GOP candidate will likely be thrown to the wolves as it is by CAGOP so they can concentrate funding elsewhere. Think Pareja has any of the funding it’ll take?

      Since the majority of conservatives are going to go with the GOP candidate, you better throw in with them or say “hello” to Stark for another two years.

      At any rate, like I said, I’m betting you just took the name of Marla Castagnolo and you are probably from Stark’s office trying to split the conservative vote.

      Just sayin’…

      • Yes, enough with the Republican fear mongering. I get tired of being told I need to vote for the lesser of two evils. You obviously haven’t Goggled me. I am a true conservative who will not vote for your candidate. I don’t like his socialist policies. It is unfortunate that both political parties make it so difficult for an independent to run for office. If more people knew about Chris Pareja, he would win in a landslide. Don’t take my word for it. Check Chris out for yourself.

  3. Chris Hallahan says:

    Responding to the vocal minority here who are trying to distort the facts. Pareja is a friend to Pete Stark and is trying to protect him by splitting the vote. Casting Forest as a socialist is simply wrong. I’ve known this candidate for 20+ years and he is a Wharton MBA capitalist and political & economic expert. He is running out of a sense of duty given how asinine politicians like Stark are bungling healthcare, banking, etc. Even Obama admitted on CNBC last week that the small banks must be revitalized to support small businesses, which have contributed 60% of our unemployed. Forest is all about engendering a new era of entrepreneurialism on top of our successful big businesses, taking our 1% GDP growth to 4%+.

  4. Alejandro says:

    Forest Baker has the best chance to defeat Fortney ‘Pete’ Stark. Period. Sandi Jacobs, Marla Castagnolo, the Golden Gate Minute Men and all 8 of the Fremont Tea Party members will DO ANYTHING to obstruct Forest’s bid to unseat Stark. Why? Because they are mad that they are irrelevant! For these so-called conservatives, political power is the ultimate goal. They could care less about actually defeating Pete Stark, but what they care most about is getting a candidate that bows down to their agenda elected. Baker is not signing petitions, is not answering questionaires … the reason? Because he refuses to be beholden to ANY special interest groups. Baker is the only candidate I’ve heard of with a plan to restore our economy (and he has a book that outlines his plans!). Taking one page of his book out of context to say that he is a socialist who endorses dictators is child’s play.

    • Yes, thank you for bringing up Forest Baker’s book. Let’s start with the title, “Eukariotsu Capitalism in the Post-Sovereign Economy.” Does anyone know the definition of “post sovereign?” Post means in the past and sovereign means free. Obviously Baker, sees us living in a society that is no longer free. That is just the beginning, read the book. By the way, I am not the Fremont Tea Party. I am the TriCity Tea Party Patriots. I would like to invite you to share why you like this candidate at one of my meetings. If you are interested, please contact me by email at

      • Okay, fine; I just made you a contributor here for one post to convince us. Git r done.

      • Alejandro says:

        We are living in a Post-Sovereign economy! And it’s thanks to Bush’s sacrificing of his free-market principals, and Obama’s use of Cloward Piven and love of European style socialism. The federal government is a majority stakeholder in the auto industry, Wall Street, Healthcare, welfare, and as you know, many more of our previously private industries! Baker’s book offers a plan to re-capture business opportuinties and otherwise outsourced jobs – at the entreprenurial level – so as to re-invigorate our domestic economy and return prosperity to the people. The lies you spread about Baker wanting to socialize medicine and nationalize the banks are completely false and baseless. In fact Baker has told me, MANY times, that more people should be allowed to own their own banks. He advocates an expansion in the number of small banks and credit unions from the 2,000+ we curently have in America to 10,000+. Healthcare? ha. Forest believes that individuals should be make their own healthcare decisions, and that government should not be in the business of taking care of people from cradle to grave. He supports the expansion of the number of clinics, and advocates making it easier for people within their own communities to open and operate clinics, hospitals, and healthcare businesses … much like was done in the past.
        So please stop with your progressive rants.

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  7. Yes, I Googled you, went to your site and looked, and I’m sure your heart is in the right place. Unfortunately, people voting their hearts got us Obama, didn’t it? And if enough people vote their hearts, we’ll have Pete Stark again.

    You think I like constantly having to vote for the one that “sucks less” that the other one? Am I thrilled with Meg Whitman? No! But do I want Jerry Brown? Heck no! If I “vote my heart” and vote for Chelene Nightingale for example, and convince enough others to do the same, hello Governor Moonbeam II.

    Vote strategically, not emotionally. Think I don’t know what it is to have everything invested in a true conservative candidate, then have it snatched away by the GOP machine? Two words; Chuck DeVore.

    Strategy; first get RID of the leftist, that’s priority one. The next year will be time to study possible replacements if the first one turns squishy. One more year of campaigning, and another primary, hopefully you can get the conservative elected then.

    Patience; think the left did this to our country overnight? They’ve been working on this for DECADES, it’s going to take a little time at least to get it stopped, and more to reverse it.

    Marla Castagnolo :

    Yes, enough with the Republican fear mongering. I get tired of being told I need to vote for the lesser of two evils. You obviously haven’t Goggled me. I am a true conservative who will not vote for your candidate. I don’t like his socialist policies. It is unfortunate that both political parties make it so difficult for an independent to run for office. If more people knew about Chris Pareja, he would win in a landslide. Don’t take my word for it. Check Chris out for yourself.

    • On the subject of Obama, I do not feel he was elected because people voted with their hearts. I know plenty of people who voted out of ignorance. As for Meg Whitman, she has my vote but not my complete confidence. What you need to realize is, I vetted Forest Baker and I don’t like his policies at all. Anyone who believes we should nationalize the banks, socialize health care and that Cloward and Piven is 400 pounds of BS, won’t get my vote. Yes, I believe in the Cloward and Piven Strategy, the progressive’s plan to take America from us.

      • Like I said, make your case as to why fellow conservatives should vote for a third party or Independent who’s not likely to win, and will effectively be a vote for Stark by taking critical votes away from the candidate with the best chance to beat Pete?

        As I said above, I made you a contributor to do a post and state the case. Show links to where Baker said any of the above.

  8. I am not about to make a case about voting for any third party candidate. In fact, I will turn the question around and ask you why you think Forest Baker is so sure to win against Pete Stark? I am not convinced. I will make a case about voting for Chris Pareja though. The voters have a choice. I have seen Chris connect with the voters and I believe he can win but he needs the people who are behind him to spread the word. As far as comments made by Forest Baker, you are just going to have to take my word for it that he made those comments. I didn’t have a tape recorder with me when they were said. You can also choose to be like the liberals I have conversations with who say, “prove it to me.” I am on the up and up about those comments. It is your choice whether you believe me. Personally, I think one of the reasons Baker doesn’t get in front of the voters is because he might say the wrong thing and have his true policies found out. If he remains a mystery, people can at least hope he is the candidate he says he is. You know that hope and change thing. By the way, I never bought into that and couldn’t understand why intelligent people did. How about coming to one of my meetings and getting to know Chris Pareja for yourself? Check the website for details.

  9. I would like to but why am I not being posted anymore.

  10. teripeters says:

    Wow, CA is in trouble. THE PRIMARIES ARE OVER and DING DING DING, we have WINNERS! As Erick succinctly says, we vote in the nominees this year and take it up a notch in 2012. Progressivism did not destroy this State over night, and it will not be rectified over night. I too was a staunch Devore supporter and understand your point but have heard it too often from CA Conservatives. If we do NOT get behind the party’s nominees it is not only HELLO Moonbeam III but another 6 years of saying “YES MA”AM to Boxer”. As for Pete “Stark Raving Mad”, he will still be frothing at the mouth. Get on board CA.. THIS is our chance to make some headway!

  11. At least these candidates are in the media and we know who they are. My question to you is, “How could you vote for someone who remains just below the radar?” Forest Baker is a candidate that likes to hide behind Facebook and Twitter. This man will not speak before groups. Do you ever ask yourself why? I do. If you use the old strategy taught to us by parents a generation ago called, “Common sense,” it says he must have something to hide. He is obviously afraid of something. Have you ever heard of a candidate that won’t appear in public or before the voters. Come on California. Get some, “Common sense.”

    • Here’s the thing, it’s not yet your time; there aren’t enough of you to make a dent much less a difference. If the GOP wins majority like it looks like they may, and they blow it like they did the last time they won, there’ll be no stopping a third party to replace them.
      Your guy looks like a good candidate, hopefully he makes a comeback in another election. Maybe there’ll be a miracle this time, but not seeing anything yet. Got any polling for your area?

  12. Thank you Erick, for the vote of confidence in the candidate that I have been promoting. It is unfortunate that some members of the “Republican Party” are going to great lengths to keep Chris Pareja a secret. They obviously see the great elective potential in this “Independent Candidate.” If anyone in district 13 would like to meet Chris Pareja for themselves, come to the Newark Library in Newark this Saturday, September 4th at 10 a.m.

  13. Alejandro,

    You are absolutely right in your comments about Forest Baker! If you read his book carefully, one will find that living in a self-sustaining hippie commune of the 70’s will be just swell.

    I am sorry to burst your bubble but the comments made by Forest Baker are true. I did hear him say he is for socialized medicine and nationalizing the banks. I remember that day very well as there was a gasp in the room when he made those comments.

  14. Meeting for TriCity Tea Party Patriots and Chris Pareja on September 4th:

    The Saturday meeting has been canceled due to the holiday and events in the bay area this weekend. We will be posting a new meeting date in a few days.

    Per your request for more information about Chris Pareja, I will be happy to post something this weekend so be checking back. Have a great weekend!

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