Moe Lane interviews; Meet Mattie Fein (R CAND, CA-36)

Via RedState;

Mattie is running in Jane “Wasn’t Newsweek sweet to write that about me” Harman’s seat, which is one of those seats that reminds you that ‘Democratic hawk politician’ is about as much an oxymoron as ‘conservative Democratic politician’ is. Mattie had a bit to say about that, and the seat in general:


Via Mattie’s bio;

PhotobucketMattie Fein has a wealth of experience in national and international policy and media. She was an Associate Producer at CNBC and creator of public television’s educational programming for children that promoted cultural awareness and literacy. She has developed strategy for The Washington Times’ Insight Magazine. Her clients have included presidents and CEOs in industries ranging from hotels to tourism to defense, labor, law and firms in Washington, D.C., New York, and London.

Ms. Fein has been a contributor to the Financial Times and CBS MarketWatch and has served as a frequent guest on the BBC regarding Argentine political and economic affairs. Her opinions have been published in publications including the Miami Herald. She was invited by the Foreign Policy Institute of Turkey and Bilkent University to speak about democratic Elections in Iraq, women’s issues in Muslim countries, and human rights.

As a Vice President of The Lichfield Group, Ms. Fein has advised companies and non-governmental organizations on a broad range of issues, including Net Neutrality, the Henry J. Hyde United States and India Nuclear Promotion Act of 2006 to fortify a strategic partnership between the two secular democracies, and the preparation of indictments on war crimes and genocide against Tamil civilians and victims of war crimes in Sri Lanka.

Mattie Fein is the candidate who was blown off by the press in the South Bay area who instead would rather lavish their attention on leftist Jane Harman. Jane won’t exactly want for attention if the deal her husband has to buy Newsweek goes through, what’s more, she’ll have a job after November when Mattie Fein boots her from office.

Nice deal! You can support Mattie Fein and not worry about poor Jane being out of work. Not that you would.

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