Just so you know; Acorn never left California

They re-branded

Why do I bring this up? It’s August, just a little over two months away from a major election, and conservative activists need to start gearing up for some shenanigans from unions and the group formerly known as Acorn.

And here they are;

ACORN, at least in California; “yellow” is the new “red.”

ACORN, ACORN, ACORN. I was so sick of hearing about them. So just like Scarlett O’Hara I told myself “tomorrow is another day” and I set this aside for a few. Then today I was alerted, h/t to Jesse Hathaway, about an e-mail he received from ACCE in California. I tracked it down on their website.

January 23, 2010
Los Angeles ACCE Members Join LA Councilmember Richard Alarcon to Introduce New Standards for Banks Doing Business with City

Remember earlier in this post I told you I called the LA ACORN office and got the “ACORN is no longer operating in LA” message. That was less than two weeks ago. Look at the date on the above: January 23, 2010. I cross-checked the address listed of 3655 South Grand Ave with the address listed for LA’s ACORN office I printed out a couple of weeks ago. Ohhh,,, my gosh! Same address!!

Who would have thought. We even have one of the “usual suspects.” SEIU.

The only thing changed here, folks, is the name and the color of their t-shirts, which are now “yellow” instead of their usual “red.”


Notice the name of LA Councilman “Richard Alarcon” in their post. Don’t know him. So I asked Erick Brockway because he lives in the area if Alarcon is a “crook.” So h/t to Brockway for providing me with this interesting little tidbit on Alarcon from ABC and the vid below:
Read more-

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

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