Sam Blakeslee (R) beats John Laird for 15th District Senate Seat

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Via Mercury News and the Santa Cruz Sentinel

Republican Sam Blakeslee defeated Democrat John Laird in Tuesday’s closely-watched state Senate race, keeping the highly coveted seat vacated by Republican Abel Maldonado in GOP hands.

The unofficial election results have the San Luis Obispo Assemblyman in front of the former Santa Cruz Assemblyman by nearly 5 percentage points.

“I’m very excited,” said Blakeslee, who was celebrating victory late Tuesday with supporters in his hometown. “I’m deeply aware of the challenges of the state. Tomorrow we roll up our sleeves and go back to work.”

The 15th District seat, which opened up when Maldonado was appointed lieutenant governor this spring, gave Democrats the opportunity to gain another vote in the Senate and potentially control the state’s prickly budget negotiations. The stakes summoned millions of dollars in special interest money and even an endorsement from President Barack Obama.

“This election presented a stark contrast of views of how to address the state’s problems,” Blakeslee said Tuesday. “People are deeply concerned and troubled about the overspending in Sacramento and Washington…. (My campaign) talked about the need for balancing the budget without tax increase after tax increase.”

So, some Wikipedia guru want to update the total? Should be D-24, R-16 I believe?

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