Pelosi can’t party with all those pesky reporters asking the WRONG questions

Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi was at an event to celebrate the handing over of the 1.5 sq mi former Navy base Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay area to local city control. Mayor Gavin Newsom, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, and Pelosi were at the event to pat each other on the back on finally after years of argument over the price to be paid for the island, among other issues.

Well, reporters covering the event weren’t really all that impressed with the Pelosi speaking agenda, and had other ideas on what questions to ask;

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seemed a little irked with reporters during Tuesday’s Treasure Island event when she was asked whether the proposed New York mosque project would affect Democrats’ chances in the upcoming election.

Some high-ranking Democrats have broken with the president’s position on the controversial issue of whether to build a mosque near ground zero.

“There is no question there is a concerted effort to make this a political effort by some,” Pelosi said. “Here we are talking about Treasure Island, something we have been working on for decades, something with great interest to our community and as we go forward to an election, two of the first three questions are about zoning issues in New York City.”

That’s not all Pelosi said, though, that’s just all her hometown paper deigned to print. Via Erick Erickson;

Tonight on KCBS radio in San Francisco, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi began calls for investigations into opponents of the Ground Zero mosque.

Aligning herself with the fringe — a group of people no larger than those who think 9/11 was an inside job and those who think Barack Obama is a foreign born Manchurian candidate — Pelosi said, “There is no question there is a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some. And I join those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded.”

(Full audio available with context at the Washington Times, or click below to play)

It could simply end here with Nancy Pelosi saying she want’s to investigate 9/11 families and others opposed to the Ground Zero Mosque, but as usual Michelle Malkin has more on the real Treasure Island “Land Grab (cuz she digs deeper);

Pelosi has used her power to push the crony-infested project for years. She pushed aggressively for legislative language that would have forced the military to fork over high-value property at no cost to local communities. And as the Washington Times recounted last fall, she presided over a “den of corruption” to secure the coveted property:

…Treasure Island is not a case of a small town that has relied on a local military base for its livelihood for decades. It is a land grab by politicians for well-connected developers. Tony Hall, the former executive director of the Treasure Island Development Authority, told us the city’s effort to develop the island is a “den of corruption.” Treasure Island Community Development, the prospective developer for Treasure Island, was granted a no-bid contract by the city.

At the core of Treasure Island Community Development are high-powered California Democratic lobbyist Darius Anderson and supermarket magnate Ronald W. Burkle. Both are well-known financial backers of San Francisco’s Democratic Mayor Gavin Newsom…

…A proposed Treasure Island development plan slates 90 percent of the developed acreage for residential use, 7 percent for commercial property and 3 percent for parking. An illustration shows about a dozen high-rise blocks of shoreline condominiums with stunning views of the city, plus 300 acres of park and recreation land. This would hardly be “affordable housing,” the $5 billion investment that Mrs. Pelosi claims would have to be recouped by the developer. The only long-term jobs created from this plan would be for maids and doormen for the high rollers privileged enough to live there.

The Navy merits praise for holding the line in defense of a market-based transfer of Treasure Island. Cloaking this land grab under a measure to help local communities suffering the disruption of military base closure is disgraceful.


And finally, beyond all Pelosi’s crony friends scratching each other’s backs and massage Nancy’s feet, she’d like to build houses (8,000 new units) on an island created solely with fill material dredged by the US Navy, in a city known for major earthquakes? Either all her time in DC made her forget about quakes, or she plans for the low-income people she cares so much about to move in.

Get that woman out of office, check out her opponent in November, John Dennis (CA-8).

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