Barbara Boxer: Voters don’t care about ethics!

Maybe Boxer meant Democrat voters don’t care…?

Via RS Insider;

Barbara Boxer is the Chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee. Yes, that Senate Ethics Committee that cleared Chris “Sweetheart Mortgage” Dodd of wrongdoing not so long ago.

She’s also a close friend and political ally of ethically-challenged Congresswoman Maxine Waters, as RedState has previously noted. Yes: Boxer and Waters can “look at each other and roll our eyes” when stuff liberals like them don’t like happens in Congress, like, for example, their colleagues voting for troop funding or against using taxpayer money to fund abortions.

So maybe it should be no surprise that when asked about the ethics charges facing her good friend Maxine and whether they could hurt her re-election campaign, Senate Ethics Committee Chairman Barbara Boxer should say things like this:

“No, because Republicans have so many ethics charges pending against their people.”

Get that? The Chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee, who is buddy-buddy with Maxine Waters and has aided and abetted a much-criticized political favor-selling racket that involves Waters’ family making money off of their mother’s position as a U.S. Representative, and who thinks Chris Dodd’s behavior is just swell, thinks voters don’t care about ethics.
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