“President Obama made My Job Easier Tonight” and an explanation for the LA traffic mess yesterday

h/t The Other McCain, who was also stuck in the Obama LA Fundraising Morass

Since Obama’s élite Hollywood fundraiser yesterday, stories of LA area nurses trying to get to their hospitals to work, firefighters and ambulances sitting wedged in gridlock with sirens wailing, and women alone at night trying to go one mile to home being diverted on foot to no place in particular, have filtered out.

All is not lost, though, as some who once idolized Obama but over the last year or so have gradually grown…disenchanted…are ripe for the plucking in the Los Angeles area today. And for one who works within the California GOP to help (hopefully) get the right people elected, the job has now been made a little easier;

…a few years ago, when I was trying to bring President Bush to Burbank, I spoke with the Political office (which works in tandem with the Advance team on political trips, such as tonight), and here is what I was told:

“We want to bring the President to town with major publicity at the event and no problems for people not going to the event.  Votes and political [capital] are lost if that happens,”

My friend at the White House Political office has moved to other venues, but his words surely ring true today.

Now what do I do?

I publicize ways for the CAGOP and LAGOP to win in my hometown of Los Angeles.  I am the guy who says “If Obama can’t fix an oil spill, how can he do Health Care?” and now I get to say, (and I expect all my candidate friends should say it too):

“If President Obama and his staff are so smart, why couldn’t they get through Los Angeles without causing havoc?”

More- [Read the rest for a good breakdown of the LA traffic breakdown]

One thing I’m hearing today is that the Secret Service, observing Operational Security (OPSEC), was unable to give LAPD with route information, or much else beyond a general closure area. This I can understand, as to assassinate a United States President is a bad thing, whoever he/she is.

This brings us to location, location, location. A U.S. President who actually is a non-elitist, self-absorbed narcissist would stress before making such a trip (as I noted above during the Bush administration), that no harm be done to the local inhabitants of the city your political force is planning to invade. Too bad we don’t have anyone like that now in the White House, and won’t until 2012.

So, like, maybe next time don’t do this crap at someone’s house?

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