Nick Popaditch Rocks the House at the Central Committee Meeting!

Gunny Nick Popaditch Rocked the house at the Republican Central Committee Meeting. His words speak volumes.  please listen!

As many of you know, over the past year or so, I have volunteered and assisted several campaigns. None are as personal to me as this one. You see, I live in the California 51st Congressional District. I have witnessed, first hand, the havoc wreaked by this President and Congress’ economic policy. I can literally see Mexico from my house. I know the need for a secure border. I can also see November from my house. Please help me, help Nick Popaditch flip this house! A brighter view is in sight!

I was, somewhat, kidding Nick one day. I quipped: “Once elected, I DO have your cell phone number and I will use it”

His response to my somewhat snarky comment was: “You and the rest of California 51st Congressional district will be my commanding officer. I will take your mission to the hill! Semper Fi” I absolutely believe him!

Please help me elect Nick “Gunny Pop” Popaditch. He will “Charge That Hill”! Thank you and God Bless!

“What Do I believe in? I believe in limited Government, Strong National Defense and the traditional American Family.” Nick Popaditch

Nick Popaditch is a retired U.S. Marine campaigning for Congress in the 51st district running against incumbent Bob Filner (D). Understanding and believing in duty to country and his community, Nick is redeploying once again to serve and protect the liberties that make this nation truly exceptional.

This former Marine Tank Commander is also known as “The Cigar Marine” from the AP photo (April 2003) on major front page newspapers in the U.S. of the historic event that truly symbolized the liberation of Baghdad as the 1st Tank Battalion Marines pulled down a statue of Saddam Hussein.

“Gunny Pop” was awarded the Silver Star for gallantry for his actions on April 6 and 7, 2004, while commanding a tank in Fallujah, Iraq and was also awarded the Purple Heart.

Nick was medically retired from the Marines in 2005 at the rank of Gunnery Sergeant from wounds sustained in combat in the battle of Fallujah.

He is the author of Once A Marine an Iraq War Tank Commander’s Inspirational Memoir of Combat, Courage, and Recovery. The book holds an honored spot on the United States Marine Corps Professional Reading program, also known as the Commandant’s reading list. Marine Corps University recommends
Once A Marine for every rank from Private to General.

You can order your signed copy of “Once A Marine” here.

On the Economy and Obamanomics

“Only A Liar, only a liar could look somebody straight in the face, after you took over the economy at 7.5% unemployment, jack it up to over 10% and tell them how many jobs you have saved. Only a liar can do that.” Nick Popaditch.

“If you’re in the 51st congressional district, we’ve had some hard times. If you’re still down there after the recession you are a survivor. You are not looking for a handout. You are looking for the Government to stop pulling the rug out. That is what you are looking for.” Nick Popaditch.

“What do you need? You need representation. I’ll go up there and say no, I’ll start saying no so you can start saying yes in your life. You can say yes to lower taxes, you can say yes to a job; you can say yes to business growth, you can say yes on your Street when we start saying no to Washington D.C.” Nick Popaditch.

On the War on Terror and National Security

“It is unacceptable for our President to go apologizing to anyone for the sacrifices our men and women have made for freedom in this world.” Nick Popaditch.

“We are going to win. We are going to win with American Exceptionalism. We will out produce you, we will out last you. We will out fight you. You will get tired before we do” Nick Popaditch.

On securing the borders and what he and President Obama Agree on

“How do we do it? We complete that border fence, that border fence works and then we back it up with Border Patrol.” Nick Popaditch.

“Now here is what me and the President agree with: there are some institutions too big to fail. He just can’t figure out that it’s not General Motors and his buddies in the Unions. It’s that traditional American Family” Nick Popaditch OOH RAH Gunny!

You can find additional information on this Warrior for Congress here:

Please check out Bob Filner’s voting record here:

Please follow Nick on Twitter: @Popaditch

Nick Popaditch on Facebook:

Nick Popaditch on YouTube:

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  2. MilitaryHistory says:

    Nick Popaditch is an honest, conservative, old-fashioned, pro-American, combat-decorated US Marine. He believes in a strong military, strong borders, low taxes, smaller government. Nick is truly the real deal.

    To learn more about Nick, read his book “Once a Marine” ( It is all about his values and character, and will tell you everything you need to know.

    For information on his bid for congress, check You can go to his live endorsement page to add your name at

  3. Ted Savas says:

    Nick “Gunny Pop” Popaditch. This guys is the real deal, and I know him very well.

    )Disclosure: We published his book Once a Marine ( I am not hyping the book or sales. I want this man elected to help save our country.)

    I am a very conservative-libertarian, and I am doing everything possible to help Nick win his Congressional seat.

    Working with him a few years ago made it clear this is a very special man. He can beat Bob Filner (D), a “SAFE SEAT” socialist, and we know from “inside sources” Filner is getting very nervous. He should be.

    Here is Nick’s campaign website is: Throw him a few bucks, email the link to your friends around the country, and tell them to send him a few bucks and do the same, over and over again.

    Some of you might have heard about the terrible cartoon posted that made fun of Nick’s war injuries (his tanks protected Firdos Square while others tore down the Saddam statue).

    Here are two posts explaining the back-story of the cartoon and of Nick:


    Home site: There is a lot more on Nick there.

    Well, someone did it with another Marxist. CHECK THIS out and pass it on:

    Here is the National Review’s second post, about ANOTHER newspaper blunder, building on THE CARTOON. This guy openly assaults and lies about Gunny Pop:

    (Seriously, regardless of politics, this new newspaper article attacking Nick is really stupid and cruel.)

    If you want to see Nick live recently on Red Eye, click here:

    Once you know Nick, you will walk across the country to help this guy win. And you will never complain about your own problems again once you understand what this nearly completely blind warrior experienced.

    Get ’em, Gunny.


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