John Dennis is doing the unthinkable in the California 8th District

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At RightOSphere;

He is actually competitive! Polls shows him having a surprising amount of success in a Democratic stronghold but perhaps the most telling sign is that he is doing very well for a candidate who is a political unknown when it comes to fundraising. I analyzed his fundraising from local supporters and he is getting one donor for every two donors that Nancy Pelosi gets. That is pretty good considering he is going up against the Speaker of house who has been an incumbent since the 1980’s. This race is NOT getting talked about despite all the rhetoric that John Boehner speaks about ‘firing Pelosi’. He doesn’t want to fire her, she just want her to not be a Speaker of the House. If John Boehner wants to fire her, he should get her fired and help John Dennis get elected. So I’m going to list some reasons why the blogosphere and the GOP should be interested in this race.
More- [Read the rest, there are both pros and cons…heh]

Support John Dennis to kick Pelosi out of Congress, and check out Dennis Miller’s interview of John here.

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