Boxer falls behind Fiorina, Whitman even with Brown

Neil Stevens has some good news for California (at least the sane parts of California);

From Unlikely Voter: SurveyUSA polled the California statewide races for San Francisco’s KPIX, a television station for one of the most safe cities in the state for Democrats. This is Nancy Pelosi’s own district here. Any bias introduced into this poll won’t be from the right.

So it’s notable when this poll shows Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman ahead of Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown.

Ummm, time for the union thugs to step it up.

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2 Responses to Boxer falls behind Fiorina, Whitman even with Brown

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  2. Phyllis says:

    I think the poll they speak of is questionable. Rasmussen has pretty good track record. However, let’s say Fiorina wins. I had a meeting with other conservative women in Tiburon a few weeks ago. Our youngest at the meeting was 17-years-old and had just finished a week at the Reagan Ranch for young conservatives. In her opinion and most of concurred that Fiorina is more dangerous than Boxer.

    She would have the backing of the other Rinos in the senate to help push through any legislation she would write. Boxer has NO legislation passed in decades. Fiorina on the other hand would ram non-conservative legislation through. Let’s remember a few things about Fiorina:

    She made a comment that the Republicans used “racist tone” for the AZ law.
    She wrote an article praising Islam two weeks after 9ll
    She praises Jesse Jackson and it was caught on audio and displayed on Michele Malkin
    She set up a shadow group to ask that an investigation be made on her opponent Chuck DeVore, knowing full well it was bogus but wanted it out there JUST BEFORE the primary. The address for the non-existent groups was – you got it a lawyer that worked for her. (Sound familiar – oh yes Democrat tricks)
    She may be indicted in the HP Russian Bribery scandal
    She said one of the first things she would do was to work with Diane Feinstein (REALLY? not Jim DeMint?)
    She is endorsed by every RINO in the Senate: McCain, Graham, Snowe, Collins, and others.

    FIORINA is NOT a CONSERVATIVE and may be even more dangerous than Boxer. Boxer is a safe vote but can’t get any legislation passed. Fiorina on the other hand could have more power AND a RINO vote. NOT GOOD NEWS FOR CALIFORNIA.

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