Well, it’s a Democrat candidate, we’ll just call an “oopsie” and give her more time to file

I just posted on Damon Dunn running against Debra Bowen when I find out there’s yet another instance that Bowen is a tool for the Democrat left.

PhotobucketI posted last week about the trouble Ken Barnes, running for a vacant position for the Los Rios Community College District Board of Trustees, was having in his opponent flaunting election law and getting her own personal filing deadline from the Friday August 6 at 5pm one to a new improved deadline of Monday August 9 at noon. Allegedly a county worker gave Ms. Ortiz bad information, that is the claim, at least. Since California election laws are only for the “little people” it seems (meaning non-Democrats), Secretary of State Debra Bowen (D, of course) offered no opposition to the shifting personal deadlines and allowed Ortiz to file late.

Well Ken Barnes announced today that he’s not sitting down and taking it;

A candidate for Los Rios Community College District Area 6 has asked a court to block the Sacramento County Department of Elections from placing former Democratic lawmaker Deborah Ortiz’ name and candidate statement in the voter pamphlet for the Nov. 2 ballot.

The petition filed late today in Sacramento Superior Court on behalf of candidate Kenneth Barnes complains that the county violated the statutory filing requirements by extending the filing deadline for Ortiz and that it undermined the elections process by doing so.

Deborah Ortiz, by the way, has some culpability for the current pension mess California is in, is a career politician who wants to run for something, anything, to get back into a power position of some kind.

Did I mention her role in our pension mess? [My emphasis]

In 1999, the Legislature passed SB400, to retroactively increase pension benefits by 20 percent to 50percent, authored by Democrat Sen. Deborah Ortiz and coauthored by Democrat Sen. John Burton, and Assembly members Lou Correa, D-Santa Ana, Anthony Pescetti, R-Sacramento, and Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento. Gov. Gray Davis signed the bill. Some state political analysts said the bill was a gift to unions for putting Democrats back in charge of the state after 16 years of Republican rule.

So I did mention it!

This woman shouldn’t be a “trustee” of anything, especially where possible teachers unions and money might possibly someday be involved.

And SoS Debra Bowen? She’s got to go.

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