Via the California Independant Voter Network;

According to new guidelines from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), director John Morton says his agency will use limited resources from Congress to focus on removing only those illegal aliens threatening U.S. national security and posing a public safety hazard. 

The finding comes from a lengthy story by The Washington Times, which reported Morton as saying that ICE only has enough resources to remove 400,000 aliens a year.  In all likelihood, this concentrated policy is a harbinger of a bill seeking to establish comprehensive immigration reform. 

Certainly, the agency’s modified goals are consistent with what Rep. Luis Gutierrez, a leading proponent of comprehensive immigration reform, wants to see in a prospective bill.  “Go after those who are a threat, but leave our families alone until this Congress, and very importantly, this president, fulfills his commitment to comprehensive immigration reform, so that we don’t have these problems anymore,” Gutierrez said when the comprehensive immigration reform movement first started.

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